Your Marriage

Couples intending to marry are welcome to contact me for an obligation free chat and/or to seek information about the legal requirements and process for marriage in Australia.

You will need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage at least one month’s notice before marrying and this notice is valid for 18 months. It is always best to complete this notice early and confirm your booking with a celebrant so that you get the celebrant of your choosing.  A booking agreement form can be negotiated and signed to ensure that all parties know exactly what services, costs and terms are applicable.  A shortening of the one month’s notice time may  be approved by a prescribed authority under limited and exceptional circumstances outlined in legislation, and I can assist with information about the relevant process to follow as required.

Often you meet in person with me to complete your Notice of Intended Marriage and you must provide prior to your marriage supporting documentation including your  official birth certificate (or extract) and/or Australian or overseas passport as evidence of date and place of birth.  Copies of these documents are not sufficient official evidence.  You must provide personal photographic identification in the form of a driver’s license (or proof of age or identification card) and evidence of any termination of any previous marriage (or death or nullity) or of any change of name since birth.  In some instances a Commonwealth Statutory Declaration may need to be signed and given to your Celebrant where official evidence of date or place of birth is not able to be provided (eg. if someone has come to Australia as a refugee).  In this or similar situations, an Australian Citizenship certificate can be a useful to document to refer to, so bring it along to a meeting.

Once the Notice of Intended Marriage is signed, you and I can then work together to develop, revise and finalise your ceremony to suit your specific needs and tastes and the legislated requirements for a valid marriage. You may like to meet me to rehearse the ceremony at your chosen venue or elsewhere and I encourage you and others involved to enjoy this process and to bring relevant music and equipment as agreed so that all will be comfortable on the big day ahead.  At rehearsal or before your marriage ceremony, you will need to sign a Declaration of No Impediment to Marriage that indicates you are free and validly able to marry in accordance with legal requirements.

On your wedding day couples are encouraged to be punctual and enjoy your ceremony. You are required to sign Certificates of Marriage before your chosen witnesses who are over the age of 18 and within hearing of the vows, so your marriage may be formally registered following the ceremony.Gerbera Flower

All couples are given their commemorative Certificate of Marriage and a keep sake copy of their ceremony to remind them of the promises they have exchanged during their ceremony. Your marriage is then registered by me with the Registry of Births, Deaths ad Marriages in the State/Territory where the ceremony took place.  I provide assistance to apply for an official registered copy of your marriage certificate for purposes of changing a name on official documents after marriage and for use in applying for marriage visas and so on.

Don’t forget that couples may marry on any day of the week at any time of day or night. While many people do choose to marry on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, often a mid week marriage will suit those on a budget who may wish to save a little money.  I offer ceremonies that include only legally required words, elopement style marriages and full unique couture services to suit your needs.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas for a unique marriage ceremony and/or to advise if you would like more information or wish to arrange an appointment.  High quality sound system and relevant equipment is available to ensure a beautiful ceremony for crowds of 2-1000 guests.