Your Renewal of Vows

Any married couple may choose to publicly reaffirm their love and celebrate their growth.

A renewal of vows may be especially appropriate after a period of separation or to celebrate a significant anniversary or milestone in the lives of a couple. Alternatively a ceremony may
act simply as a meaningful reminder of promises once exchanged or only now understood.

Increasingly people invite their close family and friends out to dinner and celebrate their reaffirmation of love at the same time as enjoying some good food and company.  Alternatively, they choose a beautiful outdoor or indoor location and have either a formal or informal celebration that can look a lot like a wedding without including the legal requirements of marriage of course.  Whatever your plans, please discuss how you may best involve family and friends, readings, music and/or family or cultural traditions, if you wish.  I will happily provide a ceremony options folder with lots of great ideas and examples to assist your planning.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas for a unique celebration and to ask about the beautiful certificates and Renewal of Vows Register that can be used to ensure wonderful photo opportunities at the occasion.Gerbera Flower